Sabbath daybook for a rainy October day

Sabbath days are wonderful; autumn sabbath days are bliss.  I hope you'll join me in enjoying goodness and beauty today.  

Peace, friends.

Jacob Van Loon's geometric watercolors + Explosions in the Sky album art


While you're at it, listen to Explosions in the Sky today.  With the whole Friday Night Lights connection, it makes a perfectly fine fall soundtrack.

Or feel free to listen along with this fall playlist I made on Spotify, cleverly titled: Best Autumn


Since you'll be listening to mood music, why not dance in the kitchen while a squash roasts in the oven?  Here's a recipe Brian and I used this week.  Add some crusty bread and a glass of wine or pumpkin ale, and you're all set.


Another perfectly moody soundtrack for a rainy October day (it's rainy here in New England, is it there where you are?) ?  T.S. Eliot reading you one of his poems. If you have an hour, listen to him read the entire Four Quartets.  

Otherwise, listen to East Coker, scored by Mahler.  

At the very least, read this excerpt.  Maybe even print it out and tack it to your fridge.  (By the way, I almost always have to read poems out loud to even begin to "get" them.  I recommend!)


If you must read the internet, may I suggest the following?

Friday Night Lights Democratized TV Drama |  Friday Night Lights turned TV into literature and my kids into Texans. via Atlantic

Taking a Stand on the Farm | How the Agricultural Revolution gave birth to its own anti-revolutionary party: the agrarians. via Comment Magazine

Denmark's 'House Of Memories' Re-Creates 1950s For Alzheimer's Patients | A generative idea for museum exhibits.  What would your 'House of Memories' look like?  via NPR

Podcast episode I can't stop thinking about this week:

from the archives: September seems to be a reflective month for me. 

Top 10 Movies to Watch on a Rainy Day: by Andrew Murphy (2010) | That time my son guest wrote the post that gets the most hits on my blog.  What movie would YOU add?

Thoughts on The Art of the Commonplace by Wendell Berry & Our Attempt to Love Texas (2015) | Amazing the difference a year makes.  One thing that will always remain the same is our love and gratitude for the people of Texas. 

We're headed out today for a New England road trip.  I'm guessing I'll have lots of photos to share here next week.  Enjoy your day, friends.  Find peace in rest and trust the Giver of all good things to meet you there.