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The brief version

Christian tradition has consistently defined the practice of Spiritual Direction as an art that recognizes the Holy Spirit as the true Director. This model of Spiritual Direction is Trinitarian in theology, Contemplative in style and Biblical in grounding. I am a Spiritual Director intern being trained and certified by Leadership Transformation's SELAH Spiritual Direction Certificate Program. I abide by the code of ethics of the ESDA.

The longer version

What is Spiritual Direction? 

Spiritual Direction is a practice that's long been a part of Christian tradition, rooted in the history of the Church and made continually new by the living, present Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. At its core, Spiritual Direction is a relationship between two people with the intention of listening together for God's voice. A Spiritual Director is trained to help another (a Spiritual Directee) discern where God is present and inviting relationship, transformation, and worship in a directee's everyday life. The relationship betwen Director and Directee is energized by the belief that God is active and ever-present to His children, always desiring that we know Him better through His Son and by His Spirit, and by His light to know our own selves, His beloved children.

Individuals often seek Spiritual Direction during times of major transition or uncertainty, difficulty in hearing from God during prayer, or to learn new ways of connecting with God. These questions could be addressed in a variety of helpful relationships, such as counseling, life coaching, mentoring, or Christian discipleship. Spiritual Direction shares some characteristics with all of these relationships, but is distinctly different in some important ways. A Spiritual Direction relationship seeks to answer the question "What is God doing?" through prayer and attention to both prayer and silence with the goal for the Directee to grow in love and unity with God. The agenda for each session is revealed by the Holy Spirit, and is not set ahead by the Director.

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What is a Spiritual Direction session like?

We'll meet approximately once a month for an hour, either in person or over the phone. During the hour, our time is spent talking, praying, and sitting in silence. I will ask open-ended questions about how you've been noticing God's presence in your life since the last time we met, pray with you and for you, and sit with you in silence as we wait on God's direction. I may make observations, but will not judge or offer advice. Everything we talk about will be held in confidentiality. 

The first time we meet will be more conversational so that we can get to know each other a little bit, you can ask questions, and together we can decide if this will be a good fit. 


What is the cost for Spiritual Direction? 

For those who are able, contributions allow me to offer this ministry to anyone who needs it. Please pray through what kind of financial offering best fits your desire and abilities. My typical fee is $50 per session. If that amount is prohibitive, please feel free to talk with me about an amount that best fits your budget. 

You can send contributions through this link (or click the button at the bottom of this page).




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Tamara is Spiritual Director intern with Leadership Transformations’ Selah Certificate Program in Spiritual Direction.