Weekend Daybook: Saint Francis, tomato harvests, and autumnal squirrels edition

Seven days of collecting what I've been up to lately: places, people, books, podcasts, music, links & more for your weekend downtime.

(1) photo from this week

(2) beautiful book suggestions for St. Francis of Assisi

  1. A Gathering of Larks: Letters to Saint Francis from a Modern-Day Pilgrim by Abigail Carroll (I love this collection! You can read a few more of my thoughts in this post.)

  2. My God and My All: The Life of Saint Francis of Assisi by Elizabeth Goudge

p.s., I haven’t read this beautifully-illustrated children’s book but hope to add it to my collection: Brother Sun, Sister Moon by Katherine Paterson and illustrated by Pamela Dalton

(3) fun animal-related links in honor of St. Francis

  1. Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards - in pictures via The Guardian (You guys, that SQUIRREL!)

  2. Hilarious Jack Russell Goes Crazy With Excitement at Crufts (The exuberant underachieving is what makes me love Lucky.)

  3. Beautiful Swimming Octopus (The stuff of super hero superpowers.)

(4) tomato-harvest recipes for when you have friends who garden

Inspired by garden tomatoes from friends, Brian made the BEST pizza he’s ever made. I’ll try to get him to share a recipe, but he mostly just throws stuff together and it comes out delicious.

Inspired by garden tomatoes from friends, Brian made the BEST pizza he’s ever made. I’ll try to get him to share a recipe, but he mostly just throws stuff together and it comes out delicious.

  1. Stuffed Cabbage Rolls via Delish (what I need to make because my husband would love!)

  2. Slow-Cooker Sunday Sauce (that will feed a crowd!) via 100 Days of Real Food

  3. Parmesan Spaghetti Squash with Tomato Sauce and Roasted Broccoli via Delish

  4. Naked Tomato Sauce via Smitten Kitchen

(5) artists making beauty from suffering in honor of St. Francis

  1. What It’s Like To Be A Legally Blind Illustrator and Graphic Designer via HuffPost

  2. Artist Robert from Community Arthouse at Community First! Village

  3. Staying Rooted and Unbalanced: The Art of Benny Andrews via Plough

  4. A Requiem for David McKnight: Prodigy, Journalist, Politician, Homeless Street Musician via IndyWeek & my friend Jason Harrod who had the privilege of knowing and recording a tune with David McKnight

  5. 90-Year-Old Czech Grandma Turns Small Village Into Her Art Gallery By Hand-Painting Flowers On Its Houses

(6) book illustrations celebrating autumn’s busy squirrels

This is inspired by the hilarious photo of the squirrel in that link above, but also - in part - by a wonderful Beatrix Potter-lauding podcast episode I listened to this week: The Wisdom of Whimsy by Joy Clarkson. I’m pretty sure Saint Francis would approve.

(7) blog posts from this week in the archives

  1. 2017 - 5 things I learned in September (That was a month full of learning.)

  2. 2016 - What’s one of the most lavish meals you’ve ever experienced? (I’d still love to know!)

  3. 2015 - Autumn Daybook for leaf-peeping (From back when October made me the most homesick of all.)

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    Confession of my road rage (I ask your grace in advance.)

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first day of homeschooling Natalie.jpeg

7 years ago

First day of homeschooling Natalie for her 8th grade year, Austin

May your weekend include cozy food, art, poems, and friends. Peace...

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