7 quick & cozy takes

What I've been up to lately: places, people, books, podcasts, music, links & more for your weekend downtime.

(1) new album I'm listening to on repeat (It's that good!)

Work Songs: The Porter's Gate Worship Project Vol. 1

In June of 2017, musicians, pastors, writers, and scholars from around the country gathered together in NYC to collaborate on a series of worship songs for a new worship record themed around faith and vocation.  

The live worship album features over a dozen artists, including Audrey Assad, Josh Garrels, David Gungor, Liz Vice and Urban Doxology.

(2) music videos I can't stop watching

You can watch music videos for several of the tracks on the Work Songs album. (See them all here.)

1. This one, featuring Josh Garrells, is by far one of my favorite. Everything about it is beautiful.


2. This video of Baltimore’s Cardinal Shehan School’s choir singing Andra Day’s song “Rise Up” went viral. You’ll want to turn the sound up on this one. (Thanks to my friend, Carol, for sharing this on FB.)

(3) podcasts I enjoyed this week

I promise that I listen to witty, lighthearted, and trivial podcasts, also. (Like this one, for instance, in which I hope one of my kids will get the same idea and feature me on their own podcast someday.) The weightier ones just happen to catch my attention at a more meaningful level.

  1. On Being with Krista Tippett: Tech's Moral Reckoning - Anil Dash
  2. Cultivated Podcast: Andy Crouch - part 1, part 2
  3. Q Podcast: Refugee Children - Rich Stearns and Khalil Sleiman

(4) books blog readers recommended to me in response to my post about my favorite art & faith reads

Here's the original post: My top 14 favorite art & faith books

I haven't read any of the following, and a couple I haven't even heard of before now. Adding these to my TBR list.

  1. Echoes of Eden: Reflections on Christianity, Literature, and the Arts by Jerram Barrs
  2. Gray Matters by Brett McCracken
  3. Saving Leonardo: A Call to Resist the Secular Assault on Mind, Morals, and Meaning by Nancy Pearcey
  4. The Stories We Tell: How TV and Movies Long For and Echo the Truth by Mike Cosper (which reminds me I've been meaning to read Movies Are Prayers: How Films Voice Our Deepest Longings by Josh Larsen)

(5) fall-type movies we love

Apparently you either need to be about sports or Meg Ryan to make it into this category. Best watched with popcorn.

  1. When Harry Met Sally
  2. Remember the Titans
  3. You've Got Mail
  4. Dead Poets Society
  5. Hoosiers

What would you add to this list?

(6) Photos from our new home

Every once in a while I participate in one of those photo-a-day challenges. Sometimes the challenge is of my own making, like the #WhatISeeWhenIPray series of photos I've posted on Instagram as @a_sacramental_life . This month I'm following a challenge someone else made, #MyCozyFallHome with @thenester.

These photos are probably not very interesting to many of you, but just in case you love snooping in on other people's houses like I do, here's a few snapshots of how the Loft is shaping up. 

(7) blog posts from the archives

2016 - You Are Here to Kneel [for Art House America blog] (That time I got in trouble with a monk - more than once!)

2013 - Road Rage [a mini story] (That time I embarrassed myself in Austin traffic.)

2012 - How to Keep Your Kids From Reading Too Many Bible Verses [Parenting Unrehearsed] - (Including that time I really messed up when listening to my son's music.)

2011 - Bookish Rebellion (The time(s) I got in trouble because of the library.)

2010 - Top 10 Movies to Watch On a Rainy Day (One of my favorite guest posts from my son Andrew.)

2009 - Art-making For the Children's Sake (From my other life as a worship and arts director.)

2008 - Art Show on Main (Sometimes it's hard to believe this part of my life ever happened. It was a lot of work, and so rewarding!)

May your weekend include something as lovely as a bowl of soup, a bonfire, and a good laugh, friends. Peace...

p.s. This post may contain affiliate links because I'm trying to be a good steward, and when you buy something through one of these links you don't pay more money, but in some magical twist of capitalism we get a little pocket change. Thanks!