Weekend Daybook: thanking God for the artists and pastors edition

Seven days of collecting what I've been up to lately: places, people, books, podcasts, music, links & more for your weekend downtime.

Twin Brooks Park, Trumbull, CT

Twin Brooks Park, Trumbull, CT

(1) new post in the Work Stories series

  1. Work Stories: Jason Harrod's what-shall-I-cry-out calling (Whether you are a songwriter or a spreadsheet-maker, I hope you’ll be encouraged by Jason’s wise and life-giving insight into the rewards and challenges of our daily work.)

(2) family members doing exciting things online

  1. Classroom Calling blog by Alex Murphy (Our son is beginning his third year teaching and has been collaborating with a colleague to share reflections on their first years in the classroom. They’re writing to try to figure out “Teaching As a Way of Life” together, and they’re asking big questions about the nature of teaching with humor and humility. I’m a bit biased but find these two posts a great place to start: Love or the Lack Of It & I Don't Even Know Why I Became A Teacher (Anyone with Me?).

  2. Merry Little Christmas Project by Kaley Ehret (My sister’s been blogging for years about finding creative ways to save money at www.ChaChingonaShoestring.com and her most recent project is inspiring thousands of others on a quest to Do Christmas Well via her online community www.TheMerryLittleChristmasProject.com and through her course A Stress Free Christmas. Follow her. She knows the way.)

(3) new musical releases that made me say “wow”

You might enjoy my Pinterest board: Listen / Listening / Have Listened.

  1. Divorce by Moda Spira

  2. Bigger Than Your Box by Joy Ike

  3. A Star Is Born soundtrack

(4) posts in memory of Eugene Peterson

  1. Eugene Peterson Has Completed His Long Obedience via Christianity Today

“His family released a statement on his final, joyful days earthside.

“During the previous days, it was apparent that he was navigating the thin and sacred space between earth and heaven,” they stated. “We overheard him speaking to people we can only presume were welcoming him into paradise. There may have even been a time or two when he accessed his Pentecostal roots and spoke in tongues as well.

“Among his final words were, ‘Let’s go.’ And his joy: my, oh my; the man remained joyful right up to his blessed end, smiling frequently. In such moments it’s best for all mortal flesh to keep silence. But if you have to say something say this: ‘Holy, Holy, Holy.’”

Some of our dearest friends and mentors were directly influenced in relationship with Eugene Peterson. Here’s a few of their reflection this week:

2. Phaedra Taylor (Beautiful imagery + beautiful words.)

3. Dr. David Taylor (Set aside time to watch the video interviews linked at the end of this post.)

4. Rev. Cliff Warner (On the words Peterson spoke at Cliff’s ordination service.)

(5) of many times I’ve written about the life lessons we’ve learned from EHP + our IG live conversation in honor of him this week

  1. Sometimes we have to change jobs in order to maintain our vocation.”

  2. Lucky

  3. Waiting For Our Next Step

  4. Review of The Pastor: A Memoir

  5. Transforming Culture Symposium: The Pastor

(6) photos from our work + dinner date in New Haven this beautiful autumn week

9 years ago

A favorite photo of my friend Margaret and me enjoying the company of our recital musicians, Scott & Kim LaGraff, at Art Show on Main. (Union Center Christian Church, Endicott, NY.)

May your weekend include some time at home and some time with friends that welcome your tears as well as your laughter. Peace...

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