7 quick end of September takes

What I've been up to lately: places, people, books, podcasts, music, links & more for your weekend downtime.

(1) poem for your weekend

Free Printable  Here

Free Printable Here


You can see digital versions of some of my favorite poems on my Poems board on Pinterest.

(2) books I'm reading right now

Yes Please by Amy Poehler

Reconstruction: America's Unfinished Revolution, 1863-1877 by Eric Foner

(3) links for autumn root vegetable recipes

Eats: Roasted Autumn Vegetables | via Old Farmer's Almanac

28 Healthy Fall Recipes You Can Feel Good About | via Delish

Melt-In-Your-Mouth Pot Roast | via Taste of Home


(4) Spotify playlists I made for autumn

Folk Autumn 2017 - A blend of simple, joyful tunes and harmonic melancholy. Just like Autumn!

Loungy Autumn 2017 - If I'm in the kitchen cooking anything, but especially soup or roast of any kind, loungy music is a must! Have fun with this, and please, please sing into a soup ladle while you're at it.

Instrumental Autumn 2017 - Perfect to play quietly in the background while you're curled up with a good book or writing project.

Autumn Worship 2017 - Think: thanksgiving, gratitude, harvest bounty, beautiful earth.

5 years ago

Alex giving us all a tour of his campus at Rice University. (Parents Weekend)

(6) Photos from in and around Bridgeport this week

My parents visited for part of this week, and we loved showing them our new place in Bridgeport. On Monday, Brian took my Dad and Natalie to a Yankees game (in which Aaron Judge broke the Rookie Home Run record!). My Mom and I drove to Hyde Park, NY to tour FDR & Eleanor's homes. Our tours were fantastic - low-key, but informative - and the setting was lovely. 

We enjoyed participating in a house blessing for a dear couple who attend our church (and have truly adorable grandchildren!). 

Our neighbor churches in Bridgeport hosted 10 Days of 24-Hour Prayer for Bridgeport. We were able to attend several of the evening services. I was humbled, challenged, and renewed in joy and hope. May God hear our prayers.

On Thursday night, Brian and I were invited to a bonfire on the beach - a sort of farewell to summer, in weather warm enough for a few of the kids to jump in the sound. Boy, do we enjoy living in Connecticut.

(7) Autumn-related links (My favorite time of year!)

See more beautiful ideas for fall at my Autumn Holidays & Occasions board on Pinterest.

25 Things to Do in Connecticut This Fall - The joy of listmaking for autumn! | via Connecticut Day Trips

10 Things to Do in Connecticut This Fall (No pressure!) - If you're new to Connecticut like us, this will be one of your favorite blog posts of all time. If you've lived here awhile, you might still might discover something new. If you don't live in Connecticut at all, you'll still get lots of ideas from this post. (Thanks to my friend Monica, for telling me about this blog!)  | via The Size of Connecticut

2017 Farmers' Markets (CT) - Alphabetized by town | via Connecticut Department of Agriculture

Farm Stands and Stores Listings by county (CT) | via Connecticut Department of Agriculture

5 Autumn Activities to Build Stronger Neighborhoods - #4 is an especially thoughtful idea! | via Strong Towns

October Checklist for Flower and Vegetable Gardens - I don't even own a blade of grass right now, but if I did have a garden, this is the sort of checklist I'd need. You probably don't need a checklist. You probably know exactly what you're doing in the garden. Here's a helpful link, just in case... | 

Cranberries: How Does It Grow? - Is your favorite stand listed?  | via The Kid Should See This

May your weekend include something as lovely as a bowl of soup, a bonfire, and a good laugh, friends. Peace...

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