5 things I learned in October

Consider this a sort of "examen" for what I'm learning month-by-month - both the weighty lessons and the daily hilarities. 

Here's five discoveries from October:

Rosendale Trestle in the Catskills region

Rosendale Trestle in the Catskills region

1. We have not spent enough time exploring the Catskills

We spent a couple of nights in Ulster County, and now I want to visit them all. 

Have you spent time visiting the Catskill Mountains? Where are your favorite places?

October.BLue Apron1.jpg

2. How to make/enjoy steam buns.

Thanks to Blue Apron: Korean Beef Steam Buns with Sweet Potato Tempura & Spicy Mayonnaise.


Pierogies On Wheels at the Black Rock Farmers Market Hootenanny

Pierogies On Wheels at the Black Rock Farmers Market Hootenanny

3. Fairfield County has a PIEROGIES food truck!

And, boy, were they delicious. (more photos here)

Do you have a favorite food truck in Fairfield County? Tell me where!

a recent Insta Story

a recent Insta Story

4. The meaning of the word "hellebore" (and how many of my friends knew it before me)

I now know the meaning, and, also, who my smartest flora & fauna terminology friends are. (I'll share the interview once it's in print in a couple of weeks!)

Do YOU know the meaning of the word "hellebore"?

October.Pequot Library1.jpg

5. That the Pequot Library in Southport is beautiful inside, too!

We drive by with most of our visiting friends and family, and I've been in the annual book sale tents, but have never browsed the shelves. I'm going back ASAP. (more photos here)

Did you learn any lessons - lighthearted or weighty - during October? I'd love to hear about them in the comments!

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