Advent’s the poetry. Advent’s the strange deeds that led up to the Great Deed. Advent is the power of the mystery that from the beginning stretches through the immortality of Elijah straight out into time, into Transfiguration, into Easter. Advent is all these things

Ultimately, Advent is the grand narrative. It’s the one that makes us Christian. It’s the one that ties it all together. This is what we wait for. This is what comes. Amen.
— Phyllis Tickle

American, 1780-1849
The Peaceable Kingdom, about 1833

Handel's Messiah

Handel's Messiah

Look & Listen

If you've ever considered following the ancient rhythms of the  liturgical calendar, there's no better time to start than at the Church's New Year: Advent. Even if your church follows the civic calendar more prominently than the liturgical, you can follow along with your brothers and sisters in Christ across the globe from the quiet spaces of your own home. You could create -- figuratively or, even, literally -- a family altar. This does not have to be elaborate, time-consuming, or expensive.  Simple tangible acts will impress themselves upon your hearts and minds for a lifetime: a book or two filled with rich images and time-tested writings, mealtime prayers, a candle or two.

How we prepare for Advent (join me?) 

A few simple ways to decorate for Advent 

Our favorite Advent music (for all ages) 

Our favorite Advent devotional books (for all ages)

Our favorite Advent & Christmas books (for all ages)

It's one of my greatest joys to walk alongside you through Advent with suggested resources and daily encouragement in the form of the Advent Daybook blog series.

Daily Scripture reading & Prayer

Daily Scripture reading & Prayer

Simple daily activity to mark the days of waiting

Simple daily activity to mark the days of waiting

Read, Pray, & Do

Will you join me in the daily work of "training our eyes for the small signs of God's presence" this Advent? Starting with the firstSunday of Advent, I begin posting a daily collection of Scripture, song, art, prayer and practices to help us all slow down and pay attention to God's presence in the waiting.

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